Welcome to my learning log

I recently finished studying abroad for a year on the Erasmus scheme at University College Utrecht, Netherlands. My home university, Exeter, UK, have asked me to write a learning log about my year, and here it is.

It is also a place for people at home and in Utrecht to see what I got up to while I was  away – and to encourage anyone to go on an Erasmus year abroad. You will not regret it – I certainly didn’t!

I have made friends with students from around the world, travelled to 14 countries, hitchhiked across the continent twice, attended quite a few parties, “Discovered the Dutch“, learnt about key days in the Dutch calendar from Sinterklaas to Koninginnedag, and wrestled with the Dutch banking system, all while studying eight different subjects and coping with a workload significantly greater than anything experienced before.

The blog was written through the year “as it happened”, so you can…

However, above all, leave some comments and let me know what you think!

Nichola Birch

1 thought on “Welcome to my learning log

  1. Thank-you very much Nichola, I enjoyed reading your reports very much. I must see if I can print them off so I can reread them if ever I feel a bit blue.

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