Psychological Thrillers: Lesson 1

Readings are seriously getting in the way of socializing and it’s only the end of week one! Today it is beautiful outside and there is a picnic in Willemina Park, but I have to do readings and two assessments, plus revise for a test on Thursday!

Tip: If you want to travel and explore on your year abroad don’t go to the top university college of the country. Which is attached to the top university in the same country. You’ll cripple under the workload, even when you’ve taken two first year classes!

Other than that classes have been fun, though the lifespan teacher is into art too much and not into psychology enough. Not to mention his readings are not understandable. But in truth, they’d never do this at home – at the beginning of each class he puts up a piece of art and if you get the artist right you win a bottle of wine! The Daily Mail* would have a field day at home!

On Tuesday I headed to Juliette’s for a house-warming and onto the bar, I had fun, but I can’t recall anything spectacular.

On Thursday stayed up till 4am chatting, the party didn’t start till 12am in the first place. I didn’t drink though so I was fresh for my 11.00 the next morning. Some people have Friday off, however, and love rubbing it in my face.

Before the party I watched Donnie Darko with Sofie and Veerle. “Officially the weirdest film they’d ever seen”, so it went well – despite a laughing fit from Miss Sofie lasting a good 15 minutes. At the end there were many complaints of “I don’t understand”, and “explain it to me”. Of course I couldn’t it doesn’t really have an obvious answer. I’m quite surprised the Dutchies have never heard of the film, as to me it’s quite big and something most people have seen – apparently this is not the case. Lesson One in psychological thrillers is complete. Although in hindsight it was not the best to start with – perhaps should’ve watched Butterfly Effect, everyone loves that. Plus it has an answer!

In other news I managed to switch from Anthropology to Linguistics, which I am excited about – I am way more interested in it. Friday and Wednesday I just read really. As of now I’m at least up to date with it all. Don’t think that will last long!

*I presume, I know little about newspaper stereotypes!


6 thoughts on “Psychological Thrillers: Lesson 1

  1. I understand the movie, I just dont agree with the final actions!!! xD Oh well, I’m glad you explained my ‘laughing fit’ without including words like ‘totally crazy’ ‘insane’ and ‘mental hospital’. So thanks for that. ^^

  2. Klementina – I was thinking a beautiful mind. Most people love butterfly effect you’re obvious an exception. I’ve even heard people complain about how many girls have it as their favourite movie 😛

    Sofie – No problem, but now you’ve kind of told the world yourself!

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