What to do if you buy too much stuff from Ikea

I’ve started classes now and the workload is daunting! I have to choose my presentation topic by tomorrow – luckily someone already paired up with me in class (thanks Eline!). It’s still scary though, I haven’t ever done a presentation before – my English education really prepared me well there! Plus there is so much reading, which is especially hard when you don’t have the books yet! To make matters worse the books are also very expensive – a hidden extra cost! The content looks good and interesting though.

I had the biggest adventure yesterday. Me and Klementina, my unit mate, we’re going to go to Ikea by bus. Ikea is obviously the student furniture store of choice. The Dutch do up their rooms a lot more than we do. We, I think, are happy with just a few posters and perhaps a nice rug if we’re pushing it. Here they make their rooms really cozy and as my room is ridiculous in size it is calling out to have some other things put in it. Plus I’m here a year so the investment would be worthwhile.

(Below pictures of Sofie my neighbour’s room)


The trip was fun in itself as we didn’t know where we were going. We ended up walking over the tram tracks and climbing up the platform in order to get to the tram stop! After spending many hours in Ikea, we only realised we couldn’t carry everything we had bought when we got to the collect your furniture floor. Here we realised all the flat pack stuff was a little bit too heavy. I mean we defiantly could’ve carried two chests of draws, a chair, a big rug, two lots of bedding, candles, a clothes airer and two desk lamps between the two of us! Luckily a man said they could deliver, but this turned out to be €30. We couldn’t afford that after the shopping spree we’d just been on.

It wasn’t dissimilar to this

We decide to chance it and ask people in the car park if they would give us a lift. They turned out to be very nice. The first had a huge trailer, but unfortunately they said they were going in the wrong direction, but otherwise they would’ve taken us. Then a guy asked if we could look after his stuff while he got his car. As the selfless people we are, and defiantly not wanting anything from him, we did. He ended up being a UU student (Utrecht University – of which UCU is a part) and he gave us a lift! It was a bit of a crazy ride back as we hardly knew the way, which meant we ended up driving in the bus lane. However we made it back fine – and even in time to catch the end of dinner. So all in all it was very successful.

On Monday we also played Settlers of Catan with Sofie (my neighbour) and some others which was fun. I think a “BoardGameCo” might be possible…


3 thoughts on “What to do if you buy too much stuff from Ikea

  1. I got mentioned two times wow – I’m honoured!! xD And feeling a bit like I’m in Big Brother or something, with pictures of my room on the world wide web. xD You’re lovely btw. 😉

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