A Rainy Nightmare

Tuesday was a very annoying day, it rained literally all day. However I was planning on going to town to sort my hard drive and things. I went to the computer guy Jacky, who turns out to be a student, on Monday. He couldn’t fix either the ethernet port or the hard drive. In true form of my NEW computer it was having the third problem of its life, which is less than a year. The ethernet port, where you plug the internet in, doesn’t work. Luckily it is under warranty. Unfortunately PC World doesn’t exist in the Netherlands so now I have to wait till Christmas to get it sorted. Hence now I’m using my old PC, thankfully I brought it with me, having learnt from previous new computer malfunctions. Not ideal though as the hard drive is full. I can solve that though by using my external hard drive. But no, that had to break as well. Not fun.

It’s pretty, but has its problems

I went to the computer shop and they switched the adapter on the hard drive. Nothing. Then they changed the case and a light turned on! However when they plugged it into a PC it couldn’t read the drive and therefore it was dead, with no hope. So I had to buy a new one. 1TB for €50 (that’s quite a lot of memory, 1024 gb if that’s more helpful. Check your iPod for an idea on size). Jacky had recommended it as a good price and he must know. Yet I had no cash, so I went to Albert Hijn to get some. However I had no bank card. I had gone to town with no way of paying for things! So I cycled back to campus and to town again in the rain. I bought the hard drive.

I then had some ironic retail therapy in order to cope with having spent €50. I went to H&M and bought things from the sale so it was justifiable. I needed a white t-shirt for Bartenders’  Weekend (BTW) but they were ridiculously see through so I didn’t bother, as I thought I had one at Uni. But I don’t, luckily Klementina bought me one today so it’s fine. However I had other things to buy for BTW and these other things I had written on my hand, which had washed off in the rain!

It was okay in the end I remembered some things and also got some food at the supermarket.

One of the things on the odd list of items for BTW

Later Myrte came round and we did some studying for the math test (that’s math – with no s, which is how the rest of the world says it apparently, why do we put the “s” there anyway? Or rather why don’t they?).

I also went to the ComCo (community committee – think society) meeting, but it was a little disappointing as they didn’t have the “Read to children in English group” any more, which is what I wanted to do.

Yesterday we had the dreaded maths test and it was horrible. There was too much emphasis on graphs and it threw me, but everyone else felt similar, so I think it’ll be OK. We’ll get a bad grade but he’ll see that we’re not at the same level he thinks we are. I also love the linguistics teacher’s ramblings, it’s so fun and interesting.

Klementina and I watched The Duchess, last night and stayed up till 1.30 chatting about travelling. Speaking of which fall break is sorted! First half the hitchhike, second, in the last weekend, Budapest with Alizee! €59 for two nights in 4* hotel. First stay in a proper hotel! Just have to work out how to get there cheaply now..



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