The Legendary Bartenders’ Weekend

It seems you should expect bigger distances in time between these posts..

So last weekend was Bartenders Weekend (BTW), which was pretty awesome! Except for the funny fact that only one beer was pulled by any new bartender and we weren’t even allowed behind the bar! Funny as this was supposed to be a weekend for the new bartenders in BarCo so you think a little bit more training would have been involved.

The weekend was based around team events such as team downing a pitcher (or chugging in campus talk), musical chairs, boat race and dancing on Friday night; smoothie, cocktail making and Fox Hunt on Saturday. Each event earned you points and if you got the most then your drink – as each team had a different drink as their name – was put in the bar. We were “a long comfortable slow screw up against the wall”. Both nights were heavy with the first giving me a bit of a headache in the morning (normally I am blessed with little signs of drinking).

However BarCo knew a way to cure this which was to play Roxanne at 10.30am before breakfast. Roxanne is a song by the Police and at the beginning of the song you squat on the floor with your drink and then every time the song says Roxanne you stand and take a drink. Take a listen of the song to see how terrible this is and not what you want to play the morning after. Even worse afterwards my thighs were agony, which lasted until Wednesday. Any use of stairs was hell, luckily I’m on the ground floor so there was minimal stair usage.

All the Exeter Streatham campus people were there which was good for some bonding. We talked a lot about how we miss cider and how the current glorious weather would have been the perfect opportunity to have one. Unfortunately Holland doesn’t do cider, and especially not the Kopperberg fruit ones I like. The bar does have cider, which apparently is rare, however it’s not the best and is most likely Strongbow.

My team in the anything but clothes challenge


On the Saturday night the free beer stopped at midnight (during the weekend all people doing BTW are allowed as much beer as they like, not bad for €10). Hence everyone stocked up both by ingesting and making towers of beer around the bar. I over did this a little though so went home even though there was still beers sitting on the table. My inability to resist free things had betrayed me.

However beforehand we played beer pong and I was unashamedly awesome – just as good as the American, Sam, for whom beer pong is a national sport. This included me getting the winning shot, which was a definite highlight.

Also a crazy storm happened during the Saturday (as if I hadn’t had enough of those having been at Pukkelpop this year). It had constant lightning which blew a tree down outside dining hall. Apparently the bar had to shut early at 3am, as in student style, people were trying to take the fallen tree into dining hall. Unfortunately their plan was faltered by security who came along and said everyone was too drunk, so the party was ended. True party poopers!

On Sunday we helped clean the bar at 4pm, which for me involved cleaning the brass rail around the bottom of the bar and the chairlift. This wasn’t so bad as after we had a chat in the bar as we waited for our free WHOLE pizza, which unfortunately took forever. Plus we enjoyed a few more free beers. Afterwards, full from pizza, we went to dining hall to get some fruit (if you choose not to have dinner you can still go and get four fruit instead). However I put my Xcess key to the scanner too quickly (which is how you pay). This meant that the light that shows your allowed to take the food didn’t go off between me and the person before me. Result: I wasn’t allowed any food. Good thing I did have a pizza earlier!

BTW is another instance of “there is no way any University would ever allow this in the UK” – i.e. students being allowed and basically encouraged to drink beer for two days. In  Exeter, when we’re on a committee/board we have to sign something that says were not allowed to encourage others to drink – this defiantly wouldn’t pass!

This isn’t allowed (in Exeter anyway)

But the BarCo is pretty awesome. It is set up and run entirely by students so that everyone who works a shift does it for free. Although you are allowed to have a free beer, cider or soft drink every half hour, which isn’t bad (drinking whilst bartending would also definitely be a no-no). This means that pretty much everyone can get involved and the student bar is actually fully theirs! It also allows them to make a good profit and so it is basically a small business. In essence, yeah you don’t get paid, but it’s worth it as you get a great weekend and if nothing else something to put on your CV.

Tuesday there was meant to be a party in the Kromhout (another hall) bike shed. This would’ve been great as it seems Dutch but apparently it isn’t really that Dutch but we can pretend. However the scary House Master, Marteen Diederix, got word of it and it had to be moved to a flat in G instead. It was very impressive how they could turn a normal unit into a dance club. Plus the amount of free drink provided by Primus (one of the fraternities on campus). I’m getting quite used to this free beer thing.

Wednesday the unit girls and Linda had a chill night in Klementina and Zeynep’s room, which included some African dancing round a table.

Thursday was meant to be HumCo’s Jungle party but we didn’t go and instead watched two films, I am Legend and She’s the Man. Again I was impressed I didn’t fall asleep, but I definitely nearly did many times.

Today we had to go to the municipality to register with the city, which took a good portion of the day. However now this is done I am officially a resident of Utrecht and the Netherlands! It was also Rosana’s first ride into town as she couldn’t ride a bike before coming to Holland – which is a nice thing to say you have learnt while in the land of the bicycles.

This week there was also the best rainbow I’d ever seen!

Now for Monday I have two assessments and five chapters to read and another for Tuesday. I also have to write part of the social poster for a presentation which needs to be done at 13.30, in order to meet my group and is actually due on Wednesday. Plus the obvious maths test Thursday, two chapters of social and last Tuesday’s linguistics reading, as I don’t have the book. So tomorrow and the rest of the week will be fun – don’t envy me too much! Saturday will be especially joyous, and on Sunday we are going to The Hague, so all work for next Monday has to be done by then!

On an actually more fun note a family pot luck dinner has been proposed for Thursday night and Sofie is taking me and Klementina home next weekend. Also an Exeter pre-drinks has been proposed to show the Dutch how it’s done – apparently we play a lot more drinking games then they do. For them they mostly consist of King’s Cup (Ring of Fire) and I Have Never, with no mention of such beauties such as Fives, Ride the Bus, and the Horse Racing game – to name a few. I made a Facebook group for it today. So there’s good and bad to come.


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