San Sebastian – Biarritz – London – Lancaster

Not a very interesting day. I awoke and met the others at reception and then we walked to the bus. We were there early as we weren’t all guaranteed tickets, but we managed to get them all and had some drinks and snacks at a coffee shop.

At Biarritz we had a bit of a kerfuffle trying to find the correct bus stop, but we eventually found it. Price: €1 to the airport! Here we discovered, ridiculously that Biarritz, Bayonne and another town’s airport were actually all the same place.

I sat and read a book as our flight didn’t leave till 15.30 and it was now about 11. Here I got harassed by some French girls trying to speak English and reading my book, saying what I look like and just generally being unpleasant and annoying. I tried to find somewhere else to go but it was a small airport, so I stood by a stationary closet. However they came laughing round the corner. Luckily at this point it was time to go through customs, so I left them back in arrivals.

I was very worried for the weight of my suitcase as it had to be under 10kg, but luckily it was only 7kg with me wearing most of my clothes. The flight was fun, I sat by the window and slept most of the way.

At Stanstead we all got some food. I had a Panini, which was expensive. Robert had to leave to get a coach so I left at the same time to get the train to Euston. Apparently Stanstead is not on the underground so I ran to a train that took 25 minutes to get to Tottenham Hale. I read my hitchhike adventure over the phone to my Dad and got to Euston two hours early. There were lots of shops so I looked around them, indulging in Millie’s, where I obviously bought cookies. I forgot I didn’t have pounds, but luckily I had my emergency £10 note in my wallet to save me. I really wanted soup, but no shop had it. I longed for Greggs and a sausage roll, but there wasn’t one. So I had to settle for a miso soup from a coffee shop and awaited my train.

I arrived in cold Lancaster at 23.30. Geoff and I got the bus to the University Campus where we washed my clothes and I had a deserved sleep.


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