Lancaster to Home. For One Night Only.

Geoff didn’t set an alarm so he missed his first class, but I went with him to his next. Here I learned computer scientists are stupid and don’t bring pens to class. Useful. I also researched a winter adventure of Berlin, Prague and Vienna. I calculated accommodation and flights for €250 – bargain!

After this we were supposed to have a roast dinner, but Geoff put the oven on grill, so the chicken was not fully cooked and the potatoes were very crispy on one side and soft on the other. It was fine though and we had banoffee pie for afters. Sadly I now had to leave.

Funnily I had exactly the same seat back as I did on the way there. I thought it might even have been the same train. I listened to music and tried desperately not to fall asleep. At Milton Keynes, I couldn’t see my Dad – he was hiding behind some taxis and had neglected to tell me.

I chatted about my Dutch and hitchhike travels. We arrived home at 2.30am where there was Chinese waiting for me. I read my post and went to bed.


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