Budapest Day 1

Budapest! My new record for furthest away from home and first time outside Western Europe! This morning I essentially awoke, grabbed some crumpets for breakfast and then my mum drove me to Luton airport. Another first would be flying by myself. I haven’t taken many flights before at all. I’ll double the amount in this week alone. The airport was confusing as I stood in the wrong place to catch the bus to the terminal. I had a little chuckle when I saw the buses headed for London. London Luton airport is a bit of a joke for the UK when it comes to airports. For it is hardly near London at all. It’s not even in the same county and a good hour and a half drive. It’s ridiculous to be called London.

I had a little scare when I got in as I thought I heard last call for Budapest, which after I’d gone through security realised was obviously not true. I boarded the plane and grabbed the seat by the window. This was the prettiest flight I had made as the sky was quite clear so I could see the ground passing below. I haven’t got over this yet.

At Budapest I found the airport company who would drive me to the hotel. Also a little scary to just follow a random guy to a car and have him drive you somewhere. I arrived though and to my eyes it didn’t look much different from a hostel lounge, I expected a four star hotel to be a bit more extravagant. A proper hotel is yet another first for me, as normally when we travel we stay at relative’s houses or camp.

I sat in the lounge and waited for Alizee to arrive. I wrote more about the hitchhike to pass the time. Then I saw her cheery face come through the door. Now to the room. Again I was a little disappointed but the room was more fancy with a hostel. Though it didn’t have the essentials you would expect. It turned out to have no shampoo or toothpaste but it did have shoe polish? We left our stuff and exchanged our stories so far and then decided to venture into the city.

We decide to go with flow and choose whichever way took our fancy. It turned out to not be the best choice in road but at least it was in the right direction. Having a vague map didn’t help either as we saw a nice building, but when we asked what it was to ourselves we had no clue. We later found out the first building was the market.

We had some dinner in what seemed like quite a local place which was nice and quite pub like. The food was very homely and I had pork stuffed with apples and cheese. From watching the other food come out it seemed the favourite was giant schnitzel. This was defiantly giant, taking up most of the plate. We paid, feeling super rich as we paid under €10 for two courses plus the fact that €1 = 300 HUF, so we could flash around our 20,000 notes.

We eventually came across the Danube River. It was very prettily lit. We had found Budapest’s picturesque part. The first part of our walk was a little backstreet-esque, so I was glad to find this part. We walked back to the hotel excited about our day ahead.


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