Budapest Day 2

We awoke and went to breakfast. It was really nice though quite continental rather than Hungarian. Alizee informed me there was a Swedish camera crew filming something while we were staying so that was exciting.

Our first point of call was Buda Hill, where most sights are – including the Chain Bridge leading to it. We were going to take the funicular but the queue was insane so we walked instead. It wasn’t nearly as tiring as it looked and turned out to be quite refreshing, getting a better and better view of Pest as we climbed.

We walked around trying to find the Labyrinth under the castle, which we heard had a well of wine. We eventually found it via the Mathijs Church and the Fisherman’s Bastion, but unfortunately it was closed for the season. Instead we walked to the castle that had become a museum and admired the gardens in the sun. It was amazing weather for the time of year with bright sunshine and blue skies.

Parliament was the next thing to see where we saw the Hungarian flag flying with a circle cut in the middle. I had also seen this while at the castle and wondered what it was about. It turned out that the next day was Revolution Day, when the Hungarian people stood up against the Soviets.

This in mind we found the house of terror of “Terror Hazza”, which I wanted to visit. It was the old HQ of Arrowhead and the SS i.e. the secret police who permitted many of the tortures and deaths of innocent Hungarians. It was a really good museum though Alizee and I did part of it in the wrong order, going to the basement first where they had mocked up the torture chambers. However I didn’t know this so peered in a room to discover a noose. It hurt your heart but it was very informative and seemed especially relevant due to Revolution Day. It made me realise that Hungary was probably one of the worse off countries during the wars.

In the First World War Germany had come in on their side but in the Second World War Germany was occupying them. However between these two times they had lost the war which meant they had land bigger than the British Isles taken by the Allies. After Germany lost the Second World War they were then occupied by the Soviets. Both played havoc with the people and essentially for 70 years of the 20th century the country was having a terrible time. The museum was really well thought out with pieces of paper with information for people to take in every room. I recommend it.

The Opera house was next and after that we grabbed some dinner. Here I had an amazing duck soup and also Goulash and dumplings for the main. On the way here we past an incredible sweet shop with lots of pudding made like other things like cars and popcorn. We decided we would go here afterwards. It turned out to not be as good as it looked but it was still fun. We were going to take a night cruise but we arrived at the hotel too late, so instead I collapsed. The non-stop early and late nights of the past week had caught up with me.


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