UCU Proms in the Castle

Five weeks in, where does the time go?

Last week was very hectic with two tests, a presentation and an assignment. It’s busier than my midterm week! At least we had Prom at the weekend to make up for it.

Prom at UCU is an annual event where the people of UC actually put an effort in when planning a night out. Usually at the bar it is OK to go in the same clothes that you went to class, no one minds. Whilst this is refreshing from the having-to-change-to-your-evening-clothes mentality when heading out in Exeter, it’s nice to dress up sometimes. However this did mean that I was a little disappointed when I saw what others had chosen to wear. Prom has a certain style of dress, the kind you can only wear to a fancy event. These were the kind I was expecting. Yet I guess as UCUers don’t get to wear going out dresses to the bar they wear them to Prom instead. Essentially I felt a lot more shiny than others.

However everyone still looked good and it was exciting to get outside the bubble together. Unfortunately we were not the entire friendship group we would have like to have been. Most of the Dutchies (not including Linda, Myrte you’re awesome (; ) had decided not to go. For these kind of uni events I have the mentality that you should always go to them as if you don’t go you’ll just consider what it would’ve been like if you did and if you do go and it’s not good at least you experienced it and will know what it was like – in essence there is a smaller risk of regret in going than not. I hypothesized it had something to do with the much stronger home life they have as in their mind they see us uni people all the time. When really this isn’t the case and when we are a group it is often only in Dining Hall and at these times we are thinking of other things “Oh no I have class in an hour”, “I have so much reading to do”, “I’m so tired” etc. Not time just going out and having fun, plus this will be the only UCU Prom I can go to so I am sad that now I will never go with everyone.

The theme of Prom was “Once Upon A Time”, but in typical UCU style I did not see any of this reflected in what people had chosen to wear or inside the venue. The venue did appear to fit the theme as it was in a castle, however when we arrived all we could see around us was houses and it turned out to just be in the middle of a housing estate. It was not very castle-like and actually more like a big house. We entered anyway and made our way to the dance floor. The rest of the evening consisted of toing and froing from the bar to the dance floor. We we’re interrupted a few times for the announcements of Prom Kings and Queens, which is to be expected from an Americanised system such as that of UCU. I am not really a fan of this Prom King and Queen stuff. 1. because it dented the atmosphere every time there was an announcement and 2. you had to give your vote in before the Prom, hence it was nothing but a pure popularity contest.

The waltz came on latter which for me detracted a bit too as I remained partner-less. I was hot though so I tried to go outside to cool down, but ridiculously we were being forcibly trapped there. You were not allowed out unless you pleaded with the guy on the door to go get something from your coat at which point you had to return immediately anyway. This was the most ridiculous thing of the prom.

I realise in this I am being quite negative, but that is not what I thought of Prom. It was a fun night out it was just not what you imagine a Prom to be like. It was a good party.

I have concluded since that I am not that big a fan of Prom – I enjoy the pre-Prom part but when actually there I am a little disappointed. I think I will stick to the more creative ones at Exeter such as the Adventure Ball (It is held in a children’s soft play area!).

I also had company in my room for one night this week, “named” Figaro.


6 thoughts on “UCU Proms in the Castle

  1. Notthe sort of ‘Prom’ I once visited, that was music. I approve of FIGARO. He was in the kitchen, he was in the hall, ‘Figaro here, Figaro there, Hey Figaro’ , as the song says.

  2. What I thought of prom was the same as for my high school graduation prom: It would’ve been a crappy night if it wasn’t for the after-party! 🙂 [I like the part where you make the Dutchies feel bad for not coming, so here’s one for you: shouldn’t have missed the bar afterwards] :P.

    But actually I really liked it. There were some apparent downsides, like the no going out and not having tap water nor sitting surfaces. But in general I think the organization/atmosphere was good enough for everyone to enjoy the night. I feel like people were being too critical – oh this is not a real castle – I didn’t mind any of that, it didn’t spoil my mood or anything. But one thing didn’t fit in my idea at all: I expected it go like this: everyone comes with their circle, gets a drink, and then once you’re at the dance floor you just dance the night away. You leave if you wanna get a drink, go to the toilet or catch a bit of air but then come back. Here, people had a different mentality on this: everyone was looking around, leaving, moving, disappearing, talking to other people more than dancing with the friends, feeling watched thus not dancing if a specific person wasn’t around.. and what not. This frustrated me.

    Oh and about the Queen and King, I don’t thing that they consciously made it be “the American style”. I feel they just wanted to add sth interesting and this was the idea they had from movies and stuff. You should promote how Exeter does it, so maybe next year they’ll make it “the British style”. I def think that people here share more the anti-America sentiment than “ah America is so awesome, let’s do it that way”.
    xx Klementina

    • I didn’t mean to say they did prom king and queen conciously it just makes more sense as UCU system is more americanized so it is to be expected. Obviously they would get the ideas from the movies, the same as the year book but thats nicer and schools do that other than america.
      I already realised about the after party as you were raving about it the next day, but it’s not like you came and persuaded me at the time!
      I just think there is generally to much dancing for me to enjoy prom. Id like it if we had a table and then there was dancing in the centre. Chatting and gossiping is way better than dancing!

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