Phrases of the Hitchhike

  • “Entschuldingugn, kann ich etwas fragen Sie?” or “Fahren Sie villeicht sud nach..”- Tina’s more fancy German to my “Entschuldigung fahren Sie nach..?” those years of German really served us well…

Or not?

  • Tina to first German pick up “Vielen dank! Guten Abend”. Translation: Thank you! Good Evening. It was late afternoon. She meant have a nice evening 🙂
  • Most common answer to out hitchhike request: “blah, blah, German, blah…anderen Richtung…blah, blah” 
  • Word of the trip: Tankestelle (petrol station) – the simple words you totally forget. Evidence we didn’t know, Tina to the first lift “petrol stazion”. Perhaps a mix of French would help.

Other annoying word

  • We didn’t know how to say competition: and we still don’t. It’s quite hard to explain what we’re doing when we don’t know this.

Our major low point

  • Not being able to eat or pee as we were moving on so fast, as when Tina was desperate on the way to Munchen. A McCafe never looked so hospitable. As far as it goes not much of a low 🙂

One thought on “Phrases of the Hitchhike

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