5. Dutch Cinema

Watching the movie Simon has not really changed my view of the Dutch that much. This is because it did not really differ from my estimations of the topics in which the movie is concerned, for instance homosexuality. In the movie there is only harmless jokes made about the fact that Camiel is gay and whilst the main character says he does not like them you can see that they are just signs of affection. Otherwise the fact that he is gay is not a problem at all, something that I have seen is tolerated in the Netherlands.

Euthanasia in the movie is portrayed similarly to a documentary I saw about euthanasia in one of the states in America. From this documentary I generalized that the Netherlands would be the same and from the movie it is. In both it shows how the family struggles with the decision and that there is a lot of rules you have to follow in order for the procedure to go ahead. Though in the American documentary there was more emphasis on the person dying with dignity than there was in the movie, however this idea was not excluded from the film.

The theme of drugs only changed my view a little in the fact that I don’t consider adults to smoke it which of course was the case in the movie. This is mainly to do with what I see at home and the fact that I hang out with people my age and so do not know that much about how adults act when it comes to the use of drugs. However as was mentioned in class the movie did glorify the use of cannabis a bit which I think is different from the view of the Netherlands, where it is not really a done thing to smoke weed. It is something that tourists do. Hence it is probably not the case that someone who smoked would get so many women and have so much money. Especially as in the book it said that coffee shops were closing down so maybe there isn’t so much money to be made from owning a coffee shop as shown in the film.

Overall I liked the film, but it did not give me a feeling that I would want to watch more Dutch movies. Perhaps this is because I feel it was more a portrayal of the Netherlands than a movie. In other words it tried to make a story out of all the different controversial topics that foreigners see in the Netherlands. Perhaps other films would be different in this case, but I would like to see a film with more of a story. I, however, am not decided on wiping all Dutch movies off my films-to-watch list.

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