6. Medieval Utrecht

I didn’t think this week’s classes were that interesting as I am not that interested in history and so didn’t have much of a basis to add this new information onto. Also it was very confusing as in history the boundaries of countries in Europe are forever changing which makes it even harder to follow. From this I realised the fact that the UK is an island is nice as you never really have to worry about things like boundaries as they are pretty much always the same.

I also don’t think I learned a lot either, but I like that I had the wharfs’, by the canal, story retold to me as I went on the boat tour last term and they said the wharfs were unique but I couldn’t remember why.

In the week I did the Trajectum Lumen night tour around Utrecht and it was nice to see that I recognised some of the things from the class. For instance I pointed out the ¾ house, however as the Trajectum Lumen tour was at night so my pictures didn’t come out very well and I had also forgotten to look up the class assignment before we went out. Hence I wasn’t looking out for medieval things but just took a few pictures of the things mentioned in class. I liked it though and enjoyed some of the art especially the trees that play music and the lights that sparkled under the canal.

My dad and brother have come over for Easter and we visited the Fourtress Bourtagne near the German border in Gronigen. It was very pretty and told me a bit more about William of Orange. It is funny as how the borders are now it looks like the fort was built against Germany, but it was really built against Spain? Luckily there were some signs to tell me how this worked. The Spanish had an important trade route with Gronigen which William ordered this fortress to be built along. Eventually Gronigen gave in and since then the fortress has not been taken. This was a much easier way for me to learn the history and I felt more involved with it than in the classroom. We all agreed that this was the most beautiful fortress we had been too including ones in England.

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