Summer Term

Summer Term explained (1st July 2012)

“Firstly, however, I will explain ‘summer term’ at UCU. This part of the year is scheduled in the yearly term timetable, but it is not a compulsory time for taking classes. In this time there is the option for taking extra courses such as Chinese (for those going on exchange to China mostly), Methods and statistics II, etc. These courses last the full four weeks and are equal to one course taken in the Autumn and Spring terms i.e. if you take Methods and Statistics II for the 15 weeks in Autumn it is the same as the 4 weeks in the summer (obviously you study more hours per week in the summer). The other courses you can take are lab courses, these are mostly for science majors who have to take 3 lab courses as part of their requirements. Each one of these only last 2 weeks so quite a lot of people do two of these in this term. I am not allowed to take these lab courses though as I am an exchange student, which is a shame as they had some interesting ones such as a psychology lab course and ones about using fMRI and EEG (techniques used in psychological research). This is even more of a shame as at Exeter we are not allowed to use these techniques until you are post-graduate. Overall I didn’t fancy taking any of the courses offered in Summer, but many of my friends did leaving  Sofie and I as the only people who were totally free for these four weeks.”

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